EMA updates procedural advices for users of the Centralized Procedure

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EMA has released an update of the following procedural advice documents for users of the EU Centralized Procedure (Human Medicines):

As a common update to all three procedural advice new requirements were introduced with respect to information required in an marketing authorisation application dossier regarding GCP inspections and GLP compliance. A corresponding chapter has been newly introduced in the respective procedural advice documents. The following information must be provided as annexes to the Cover Letter:


Regarding GCP Inspections:

  • A list of GCP inspection(s) conducted or planned by any regulatory authority at clinical trial sites for all clinical trials included in the dossier. In case of BE trials a list of the inspections conducted at the clinical and analytical facility where the study was conducted. Alternatively, a confirmation that no inspections had been requested nor taken place and that no inspection are planned.

Regarding GLP Compliance:

  • A summary table, listing the non-clinical studies and indicating for each study:
    • study title,
    • study code (Unique identifier assigned to the study),
    • date of completion of the Final Report ,
    • test facility and test sites in which the study was conducted,
    • complete address of the test facility (and test sites where applicable),
    • period in which the test facility(ies) and/or test site(s) was(were) used indicating if in that period they were part of an European Union (EU) or an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) accepted GLP monitoring programme.
  • Regarding GLP compliance, as per Notice to Applicant, Volume 2B, there should be a comment in Module 2.4 Nonclinical Overview and Module 2.6 Nonclinical Summary on the GLP status of the studies submitted in the application.

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An additional update has been included in the procedural advice for generic / hyprid products. This additional update deals with an update of the Product Information required as a result from a single PSUR procedure. Instead of providing the answer here a reference has been included to the general Post-Authorisation procedural advice from EMA.

[Source: EMA]

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