Report Publishing

Clinical Study Reports can easily become very large and complex documents, especially if following (as recommended) the ICH E3 guidance. Depending on the study outline some reports can amount to more than 50.000 pages built from complex main parts and hundreds to thousands of individual tables and listings in the Appendix sections.

At Exalon we have more then 15 years experience in the area of PDF publishing for clinical and nonclinical study reports.

We help you to create a fully functional PDF version of your study report that features

  • A complete bookmark structure throughout the full document (main part + appendices)
  • Overall pagination including customized headers + footers
  • Hyperlinks from study report main part to the appendices.

In full compliance to ICH E3 and electronic submission requirements.

Leveraging the full power of our in-house developed publishing solution we can adapt the level of automization individually to each publishing project to ensure very cost-effective and reliable results of superior quality. The semi-automated process allows to update individual parts during the publishing process without losing any previous work which is of unmatched effectiveness.

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